Authorial Statement

“Now she walks through her sunken dream /
To the seat with the clearest view /
And she’s hooked to the silver screen”
                           ~David Bowie, “Life on Mars”

What’s so addictive about film and television? Is it the respite from reality and the escapism of the theater? Or is it the realism actualized by moving images, the convincing characters, realistic acting, and touching moments that draw us in time and time again? The answer lies somewhere between Gotham City and Casablanca, Middle Earth and Metropolis. That is to say: somewhere special.

What matters isn’t how, where, when, or why we fall under artist’s and storyteller’s myriad spells — what matters is that we do, and that we continue to. This blog is far less concerned with curing our cinematic addictions, than it is with feeding them. And in that quest, any meal will do.

David Fincher (citing every film textbook ever) often says that film is about two things: condensing and expanding time. Film and TV discussion and analysis is no different. I’m here to grab the corners of the screens we love and stretch them, to make your favorite scene last longer, your favorite quote ring truer, your favorite song sound on forever. This, put simply, is my task.

So grab a pal and some popcorn, suspend your disbelief, and move to the seat with the clearest view. It’s showtime, dear reader, and hopefully you’re just as excited as I am.