Casting Call

that locket round your neck caught that lonely, winter night
some said it was still empty, it doesn’t mean that it was light
a drink inside your pocket —i thought i smelled the lime,
when you drank i filled your cup for you; why’d you never fill up mine?

there’s memories we miss and there’s memories that cry
memories of lips, too dry to kiss the sky
and all this magic makes up the fabric of
the threaded, reddened, dead end world men tend to title ‘love’

titles lost, somewhere in fate
but we had names more intimate
names that rang like broken bells at night
names that sang like murders in flight
names once worn by lovers true
names not fit for me or you

once i wrote the names down of the people that we scarred
but different? no, they were all the same: yours, mine, ours
i thought that i’d remember more, some actors, some dear friends
but zero’s a just verdict, when the jury is revenge

we are both only extras now in the sequels to our show
no lyrics to remember, no lines that you must know
so take your break with nonchalance — sit back and relax
our scenes will get cut anyway, our paychecks will get taxed.

we’ve long forgotten, pathways trodden, lessons that we learned
side-streets, fire-roads, highways scorched by love’s eternal burns
we’ve driven far past recompense, took a right turn by our woes
our scene now, at its ending. our show now, at its close.

August, 2016


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